A Collection Of Fascinating Topics For Your Research Paper

Research papers are very popular in university, and as such students encounter tasks related to such writing numerous times during their university years. However, it can be very tough to find compelling topics to write your paper about. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a paper topic and we will discuss these important factors in this article.

  1. Sources

    The first major factor to take into account, when choosing a topic for your paper is whether or not you can incorporate a sufficient amount of sources to support your view point and analyze. These are extremely important to include in your work, since a majority of your marks will come from your ability to analyze these sources.

    Although the amount to put into your work depends on the word count that you have been set, for an average college paper we would recommend you to include at least 5-6 sources that have been analyzed in depth.

  2. Writing

    Following on from sources, you also need to choose a topic that will allow you to write enough to complete the word count you have been set. If, for example, the word limit of your paper is 10, 000 words, then your professor expects an in depth paper around that amount.

  3. Topics

    Taking into account the two previous factors, the following are a collection of fascinating topics for your paper:

    • What was life like for Roman gladiators in ancient Rome?
    • The Olympic events practiced in ancient Greece
    • How is Internet censorship used around the world?
    • How beneficial has the Patriot Act been in stopping terrorist threats to the United States?
    • Compare and contrast the Great Depression and the Great Recession
    • What impact did the Manhattan Project have on the world?
    • The effect of video games on children and teenagers
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of medical marijuana?
    • What were the obstacles faced in breaking the sound barrier?
    • How does stealth technology work to shield aircrafts from detection on radars?
    • What has been the effect of oil spills on the environment and what is being done to prevent them form occurring in the future?

    These topics will allow you to thoroughly discuss and analyze sources, enough to fulfill any word count that has been set by your professor.

As you can see, there are two crucial criteria to hit when choosing a topic for your paper, and with out list you can ensure that you have enough sources to discuss and write about in your work.